Indigenous varieties, tradition and territory are the keys to wine success. On the way to the essence of the Angel wines, we have been willing to break all of the above. Angel does not necessarily come from the oldest vineyards of Batič, nor does it always come from the farm’s vineyards in which we have the highest hopes.

The vineyards that sign the Angel wines are farmed according to biodynamic principles. Some wine varieties are represented in several different locations. Merlot is grown on eight plots and Cabernet Sauvignon on seven. Over the years, we usually vinify each vineyard separately. In addition, we vinify individual exposures of larger vineyards.

The key to the Angel Reds is the annual tasting of the entire cellar, all the vineyards, all the barrels. Those wines that achieve that “something extra” in the blind tasting become the basis for the Angel line of wines. The proportions of the different lees in the Angel wines change from year to year in the search for perfection. The only guiding principle that links the different vintages of Angel wines is their elegance.

Since 2022 Angel White is a line from international wine varieties marked by Vipava origin.