Vipava is situated at the crossroads of Mediterranean, Alpine and continental climates, and its vineyards are defined by warm days and relatively cool nights. Vipava is the windiest region in Slovenia. The large temperature differences are reflected in the constant breezes, which reduce the presence of diseases in the vineyards, creating unique conditions for organic and biodynamic farming.
Being open only towards the west is an important characteristic of Vipava, which affects all life here. The influence of the Mediterranean climate penetrates from this direction, making the growing season two months longer than in central Slovenia. This allows the growth and cultivation of typical Mediterranean and other plant species that require plenty of sun and warmth. The intertwining of Mediterranean and continental influences is also reflected in the diversity of plant species; the Vipava region is home to the largest number of indigenous vine varieties in Slovenia.

Termika nad vinogradom Šmihel Livišče Merlot

If it is the earth that gives wine its taste, it is the sky that gives wine its vitality.

Miha Batič