Anno Domini 1592. The Renaissance. Wines for the Holy Mass were prepared by monks – the bearers of our nation’s culture. They also formed the excellence in the wines through their knowledge of tradition, soil and nature’s rhythms. The first Batič wines were born in the 16th century, shaped into being by the experienced hands of the monks of Batič estate in Šempas.
The estate has changed considerably since then, with nearly no traces of the monks left: the murals on the walls have faded, and the names of the monks are forgotten. The site of the chapel of St. Rok is now covered by ivy planted by one whose name is lost to time. The only remaining legacy of the once-proud monks of the estate is the knowledge and tradition of high-quality wine production that has been passed from generation to generation over four hundred years. Batič wines are more than a homage; they are a continuation of the traditions and methods of the Šempas monks. Our wines are their legacy.

Ročni kažipot po Goriškem in Gradiščanskem for the year 1899