Were you to ask who contributed the most to Batič wines, the answer would undoubtedly be my grandmother Alojzija. She was neither grower nor vintner. She had naught to do with wine; she seldom even drank it. Her contribution runs much deeper; the love and warmth that she so selflessly gave to the family ensured that everyone worked harder and performed better. In my childhood, she was like a withered leaf in the autumn, waiting for a final breeze to take her away. I worried intensely for her; every morning I asked her how her health was, and every day I received the same answer: “Today… I feel a little better than I did yesterday!” Every day when she said this, happiness and relief flooded over me. She inspired a hope deep within me that somehow, someway she may find a way to survive her winter. I believed that until her final day, when her leaf was finally blown away by the inevitable winter wind.
My grandmother never had the benefit of higher education; she was only taught by the nuns of Gorizia. That was all that her hard life and low-born family could provide. She did, however, teach me the lesson that our struggles are our own, and should not be a burden to others.
Together with my wife, Mateja, and my parents, Ivan and Palmira, we live on our farm and try to farm by this faith. Our children Angel, Oskar and Marlon are growing up with us. The Batič wines are named after them. Perhaps one day they will also bear their signature.