From a tiny seedling the vine grows.
And man should intervene in this?

Miha Batič

After World War II, we were required to pay a tax based on the amount of wine we produced. Each member of the family was allowed a gholber of wine while the rest of the wine was taxed. Life after the war was difficult, and the family needed money desperately. To earn enough money, they hid a few barrels and covered them with hay. These hidden barrels were first opened in May. Many expectations were held for these wines, and often their exquisite character exceeded them. Perhaps their excellence comes from the lack of intervention, which is why we rarely visit the cellar even with the tax gone. We reject the practice of tasting wine from the barrels. I believe that your approach to winemaking should mirror your approach to cellaring. When the vineyards are teeming with life, peace in the cellar is all the wine needs during its maturation.