Vinjak Oskar

More than ten grape varieties and nearly thirty years in the making, the 2019 batch of Brandy Oskar has been lovingly aged in Slovenian oak barrels since the mid-1980s. Brandy Oskar was born out of our commitment to the quality of our wines and the tenants of
biodynamic farming, a commitment which requires that we only use the grapes from select vintages – warm years with grapes that have a high sugar content – in those wines. The production of Brandy Oskar is equally selective – to produce Brandy Oskar, we only use grapes from cooler vintages that have low sugar and high acidity. By working with nature and seeing less-than-optimal wine producing vintages as opportunities to produce excellent brandies, we are able to ensure that both our wines and our brandies are consistently of the highest quality. Warm years belong to our wines; cool years belong to Brandy Oskar. Each sip of Brandy Oskar is an orchestra – each grape varietal a separate instrument in its symphony of flavors, aromas, and sensations. Enjoy Brandy Oskar in the company of those that are dear to you, for that is when Brandy Oskar reaches its crescendo. Cheers!